Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Community response on Stormwater Pollution

Actually, this duty is not limited to the expertise of Civil Engineers. This is a collaborative effort which upholds the importance of water to mother earth. Local decision makers, municipal officials, and environmental activists and ordinary citizens must join hands to come up with a development project for the community. Structures and other logistical requirements are to be managed by engineers. They are the ones responsible for the capacity, strength, and the effectiveness of structure. We have for example the ACG that is assisted by the swppp Orange County a licensed contractor and having the right qualifications for preparing and implementing these plans. Likewise, technological advancements are needed, for example,swppp San Diego, which provide state of the art and high quality service in engineering concerns.
First, they must study the causes of Urban Stormwater Pollution, then realize the consequences of Urban Stormwater Pollution. There are studies already conducted in line with this matter and they can come up with a certain strategy that can meet their needs and concern. Strategies are to be developed and to be strengthened in the
swppp San Bernardino,swppp Riverside,swppp Los Angeles.
This task is not assigned to swppp alone. This speaks more of a social responsibility and awareness to mother earth.

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