Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven as tiny little voice

Well, I would say that heaven and hell are not strange things to us. Even a 5-year old child can actually provide an instant definition about them. But to move towards another level to our spirituality we need to internalize their roles into our Christian life. It is a sad fact that most of us remain into the level of 5 year old definition of what spirituality and heaven are. Most of us failed to realize even in our simple ways the value of listening and being open to the sacred scriptures. We are disinclined to read and accept the grace and often rely on our limited faculty of understanding.

In this world, we are all soldiers. We are soldiers that are haunted by the different forms of evil and we have to defend ourselves by equipping ourselves with the positive volition and strong will of hearts. We use our strengths to combat the external forces of evil but we failed to control the internal evil within us. This evil nature within us is being rooted from the old sin nature that man has done. This old sin nature is very strong that it holds our degree of emotion and usually we are defeated because we easily give in to its desire. The sense of balance between volition and emotion is disregarded and we become counter-productive in our pursuit to heaven. We become “short-visioned” soldiers in this life and we embrace too much of material possessions.

The hell within us is ignited when we focus too much on the humanly ways and to worldly things. Love, faith and sacrifice are neglected because of limited access to oneself and to the Divine. We need to listen to our hearts and be open for the divine grace. We have our freedom but we have to be patient and humble in accepting the duties of being Christians. A lot of us constantly search for heaven, but failed to realize that heave is within us. Heaven is knocking and sending its tiny little voice to be recognized. Despite the trespasses we commit, will heaven still be open for us? Will His magnificence and compassionate love overshadow the evil within us. Acceptance is the key to attain the unconditional love He possess.

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