Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Price factor on shopping on-line

All of us want to experience on line shopping wherein we search for the product we want and then we compare from other shopping site worth knowing and then get the best deal. We can save a lot of money when we look for expensive items like laptops, tvs and pushchair, etc by just using a price comparison shopping site. Common offers include: buy one take one, 40% off, free shipping, and many more. The highlight of using this price comparisonshopping site is the easy access to different store at the same time. It is very cost and time efficient which allows us to be multi-tasking in the office or at home. My professor shared her experience when she bought her 8-gigabyte i-pod and laptop thru e-bay. The i-pod was launched in the site with discount making it very saleable. The laptop offered services such as traceability in shipment wherein she was able to track the location of her order during the time of shipment and delivery. There are actually many features to consider in using the price comparison shopping site not only for the price-conscious customers but those who value security and convenience in shopping.

I just want to dwell into the shopping site’s impact on decisions relating to price considerations. Most of us Filipinos, for example, we are very price conscious that we tend to spot first the price before actually looking its quality. Well, several factors have controlled our way of decision-making, price conscious but the idea here is businesses use different marketing strategies just to come up with a competitive price. Other restaurants do not show cheaper prices (discounts) of their product but use, for example, value meals to attract attention. No matter dependent we are in the current economic situation, we are really eyeing for those product that has lesser price that has also quality. So, the task of businesses is to carefully analyze the market segment and arrive with suitable prices.

On line shopping is a mechanism for us shoppers to be more efficient and effective in coming up with a decision as to what product to buy.

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